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Harrison Semmens while working in corporate banking found himself wishing he could escape a dull working life and come up with the idea for Antonios Tour and travel company. Because he was an experienced traveler he was able to put his experience together with his imagination and come up with some incredible ideas for adventure tours for small groups in the New Zealand area. Even back then he understood that tours for small groups would give them a much better experience during their travels. Continue reading to understand why size does matter.

While Harrison was following his vision for this tour company he met a scuba diver and instructor who had been traveling New Zealand his whole life. Harrison understood instantly that Patrick was the perfect choice as a head tour guide for the Antonios travel company.

From there the tour company began. Harrison and Patrick worked close together to develop the best New Zealand tours and even away for the customers to participate in building their own tour. Very often being able to do so would literally blow the minds of the tourist. As the company developed it began winning travel awards. Since that time it has become one of the most trusted tours and travel company in New Zealand. Many of our new customers come to us because they were recommended by existing customers.
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Back in the year 2010, we started a lodge 6 upmarket Backpackers. For most of our tours, the customers will spend about 35% of their nighttime at the lodge. Because we are proud to be a New Zealand own company we chose our name Antonios Tours very carefully. It required a long intellectual property process to make certain we had the rights to use the name Antonios and the Kiwi as our logo. Both the logo and the brand are now protected under IP. The symbolism of our name translates to meaning a song accompanied by dance.

Anyone looking for a travel tour package is certain to enjoy one of ours. You can contact us and we will discuss the details with you. As stated above, you can even participate in designing your own tour.